Knowing how to respond to a colleague in the workplace who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts is a essential skill to possess.

Being able to start a conversation and offer support is an essential element of promoting good mental health in the workplace. 

This accredited 2-day workshop equips your team with the necessary knowledge and tools to provide this support.

In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn the skills to reach in and start a conversation with a person that may have thoughts of suicide.

ASIST training is backed by 40 years of research and features powerful audiovisuals, discussions and simulations to reinforce the learning experience.

Benefits for 

  • Improved awareness around signs and symptoms of someone who may have thoughts of suicide.
  • Education on community attitudes about suicide and how they affect a persons openness to seek help.
  • Builds confidence and capacity to reach in and provide suicide first aid to a friend or colleague.

Benefits for your 

  • A work environment that promotes safe conversations around suicide.
  • Reducing stigma surrounding suicide in the workplace.
  • A healthier team who are involved in supporting each other.
  • Training is endorsed by the World Health Organisation and Suicide Prevention Australia.