Our experienced team have personally navigated the complex landscape of mental health challenges. They come from a variety of backgrounds including Military, Emergency Services, trauma and disability and use that personal experience to connect with our clients.

Through our firsthand experiences, we've seen bad things happen to good people, and we understand the deeply personal battles of poor mental health, having faced these demons ourselves. We’ve witnessed the loss of friends and colleagues to suicide, a gut-wrenching reality that has spurred us into action.

These firsthand experiences have instilled in us empathy and a relentless drive to provide support, education, and resources to those who may be walking similar paths. We bring a unique perspective based on the strength we've gained from working in high-stress and demanding environments, which has equipped us with the resilience to navigate even the most challenging circumstances. 

We recognise that prevention is a powerful tool in addressing mental health issues, and our commitment is to create a safer, more compassionate, and mentally healthier community through proactive workplace mental health programs. 

Our Vision

A world where mental health is a priority, resilience is nurtured, and people thrive.

Narelle Mason

Co-Founder, Educator & Counsellor

Narelle is a Level 2 registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. She has a background in Military and Emergency Service roles, serving six years as a frontline Police Officer, followed by ten years in the Royal Australian Airforce.

Narelle has a wealth of experience with people from various backgrounds and has developed a deep understanding of mental health issues and the impact poor mental health can have on entire communities. She draws on her experience working in high-stress environments to facilitate programs that educate and reduce mental health stigma in the community.

Narelle's primary focus is delivering prevention education in self-care practices and resilience within uniquely challenging environments.

As well as her family, Narelle loves her two budgies Dev and Danny!

Matt Newlands

Co-Founder, Educator & Counsellor

Matt is a highly experienced and passionate mental health advocate dedicated to helping individuals, executives, and organisations improve their mental health.

Drawing on his ten years of frontline experience as a former police officer, Matt provides counselling and mental health training to those in high-stress roles seeking high-performance outcomes. He also has experience navigating post-traumatic stress and depression following his service, which he uses to support and educate others.

Matt is a Level 2 registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association, a national Community Ambassador for RUOK?, a peer training consultation for The Male Hug, and sits on the state's first Suicide Prevention Council as the First Responders representative.

Matt loves to watch soccer and eat fairy bread!

Adam Mason

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Adam is currently serving with the Royal Australian Air Force.

You will find Adam working behind the scenes in his capacity as the Managing Director.  

He loves basketball and can be won over with a good bottle of red wine!

Allira Newlands


Allira is one of our co-founders and works in retail lease administration.

She has an interest in marketing.

Allira enjoys cooking and knows a lot of random facts about 80s one hit wonders. 

Stacy Bell

Psychologist & Clinical Governance

Stacy is a psychologist with a private practice in Norwood, South Australia.

She has many years of experience in individual therapy and evidence-based group therapy programs. Her interests include the mental health of first responders, veterans, and current serving members. 

Stacy is also involved in research and has previously volunteered with the Invictus Pathways Program and a veteran-founded light painting program.

In private practice, Stacy provides evidence-based therapy to private clients and those with work-related psychological injuries.

Stacy likes to drive around in nice cars playing loud music.  She also loves paddle boarding, as long as it's not too deep!


Keryn Robelin


Keryn has been immersed in the Mental Health Sector in frontline and leadership roles for 13 years.

She draws from her Lived Experience in every encounter and provides listening that can make you feel seen and heard.

When Keryn isn't working, you'll probably find her being walked by her dog or in the water.

Tash Martens

Social Media Specialist

Tash has a background in hospitality, but decided on a career change in 2022 and began working in Mental Health.  She is passionate about people and has a keen interest in social media.  

If you need to know anything about music of any era or genre, ask Tash.

Tess Dawson


Tess is an Army Veteran who now lives in Darwin. 

She has been co-facilitating mental health workshops for the last 12 months and is now studying to be a counsellor.  

In her spare time Tess likes to crochet and is learning to be a Yoga instructor!

Craig Hansen

Data Analyst

Craig is a bit of a mystery man!  He is also an epidemiologist (which means a data, patterns and trends guy).  

Craig likes listening to jazz and plays classical guitar. He is also camera shy!


Colin von Rechenberg & Lenny

Mental Health Consultant

Colin is a Navy veteran of 11 years. He has since studied psychology and is currently undertaking a Diploma of Counselling.

Despite being based in Tasmania, Colin (and Lenny The Wonder Dog) are difficult to keep track of due to their constant travel adventures!

Keith Banks


Keith is a former Queensland Police Officer, now an author and public speaker.  Keith lives in Melbourne. 

He had a fascinating career in the police and has written two best selling books about his experiences.  

"Gun To The Head" and "Drugs, Guns and Lies" are definitely worth a read!