Military or emergency service roles presents significant challenges and unique experiences for individuals and their families. 

Stress Resilience and Functioning is an 8 week skills based program that empowers participants to gain an understanding of how their service identity has influenced their self perception and life perspective. SRF is targeted at military and emergency services personnel and is squarely aimed at better personal and interpersonal functioning, through improved skills in reflective practice and active (and effective) efforts to change the way they respond to stress and stressful situations. The program is delivered in a group setting to 8-10 participants and facilitated by lived experience peers.

SRF was developed by Associate Professor Jonathan Lane (FRANZCP) and builds on previous programs that have displayed favourable outcomes for workshop participants. Dr Lane's work has proved extremely successful with previous participants through the delivery of culturally specific content to small groups of people who are able to easily relate with the peer focussed facilitation model. 

Research has shown improved clinical outcomes when using group facilitation, lived experience peer facilitators and culturally specific content, all of which SRF embodies.

Stress Resilience and Functioning is delivered over 8 weeks. Explore the program content.

Week 1 - What is stress?

  • Understanding what stress is (stress can be good and bad).

Week 2 - Understanding emotions.

  • Understanding emotions and using values to guide effective coping behaviours .  

Week 3 - Stress management.

  • Understanding your role in managing stress and using values based behaviour for stress management.

Week 4 - Tools for emotional regulation.

  • Psychological skills and tools for emotional regulation.

Week 5 - Service culture.

  • Service culture, self-identity, and transition stressors. 

Week 6 - Interpersonal relationships.

  • Interpersonal Relationships and maximising quality psychosocial supports.

Week 7 - Maximising quality relationships.

  • Maximising quality relationships, boundaries and meeting needs and wants.

Week 8 - Conflict resolution and summary

  • Managing conflict. 

The Stress Resilience and Functioning program has been developed for Military and Emergency Services personnel, however the package can be adapted for frontline workers in other industries such as local government or the corporate sector. Reach out today to start a conversion on how SRF can empower your frontline workers.