Knowledge and understanding of how to respond to a colleague in the workplace who may be experiencing a mental health challenge is a valuable skill to possess.

Being able to offer support through positive conversations and encouragement is an essential element of promoting good mental health in the workplace. 

This accredited 2-day workshop equips your team with the necessary knowledge and tools to provide this support.

In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn:

  • A broad understanding of mental health challenges.
  • Recognising signs and symptoms of mental health concerns in themselves and others.
  • How to respond to another adult experiencing a mental health challenge.
  • When to ask for extra help in supporting a colleague.
  • What to do in a crisis situation.

Benefits for 

  • Improved mental health awareness and self-understanding.
  • Enhanced capacity to identify and address mental health challenges in themselves and others.
  • Confidence to recognise a mental health challenge and offer support to colleagues.
  • Increased sense of belonging in the workplace.

Benefits for your 

  • A work environment that promotes good mental health.
  • Reduced stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace.
  • Support provided to employees resulting in less absenteeism
  • A healthier team who are involved in supporting each other.

"Having previously done mental health first aid, I found this workshop to be a good review and refreshing on a topic that is usually avoided."

– Workshop Participant