Frontline Mental Health has partnered with leading organisations in the mining industry to promote inclusive and productive workplaces.

Workers in the mining industry experience unique and often isolated working conditions and this can lead to poor mental health. We're here to educate your workforce with the skills they need to stay mentally strong.

The challenges they face

Some of the common challenges they encounter include:

  • Remote working conditions - Fly in fly out rosters can lead to fatigue and a sense of isolation.
  • Workload - Long working days and extended on site rosters can be mentally taxing.
  • Workplace hazards - Exposure to health and safety hazards unique to mining workers can lead to higher levels of stress and anxiety compared to workers in other industries.
  • Work-life balance - Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging in roles that require extended periods away from home.
  • Job satisfaction - Portions of the mining workforce report low job satisfaction due to the pressures they experience.
  • Male dominated workforce - The industry is traditionally male dominated with some employees experiencing loneliness and isolation from social networks.
  • Burnout - Heavy workloads and inadequate resources at isolated worksites can lead to burnout and poor mental health.

Prevention and proactive action

Frontline Mental Health firmly believes in the power of prevention and proactive action. It's not just about raising awareness; it's about taking tangible steps to ensure the wellbeing of your workforce.

Your responsibility 

As an organisation in the mining industry, you have a legal obligation to your employees to provide a psychologically safe workplace. Our training is backed by research from Curtin and Griffith Universities and will empower your employees to promote positive change.

How Frontline will help your workplace thrive

Frontline Mental Health will work with you to meet your responsibilities through:

  • Workplace culture - We will help you create a culture that values inclusion and prioritises mental health.
  • Specialist workshops and training - Our workshops and training provide practical tools to manage stress and promote wellbeing for all employees.
  • Attract workers - A mentally healthy workplace attracts top talent. Let us help you create an environment that attracts and retains staff.
  • Leadership Support - Your leaders play a crucial role in fostering a mentally healthy workplace. We will provide them with the support and tools they need.
  • Long-term relationship building - We're here for the long haul, ensuring sustained wellbeing for your employees.