Building Resilient People

Frontline Mental Health provide professional training and consulting services for mental health and wellbeing to clients all over Australia

Genuine understanding through first hand experience as former military and first responders
Workshops tailored for each organisation
Training in all industry sectors
Providing training and counselling nationwide
Certificate IV qualified in training and assessment
Counsellors are qualified and registered

Building connected and productive teams by providing customised, authentic training solutions.

Frontline Mental Health is dedicated to supporting your team to stay mentally resilient and perform at their best. Mental health should be a top priority in every workplace, and we're committed to providing customised, authentic training solutions to help your team build resilience and thrive. 

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

This comprehensive Mental Health & Wellbeing workshop is held in person over one full day and facilitated by two trained counsellors with skills informed by their emergency services experience. Valuable insights from their service backgrounds enrich the workshop delivery, offering participants a unique and unforgettable learning experience.

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Mental Health & Leadership

Promoting positive mental health in workplaces begins with the leaders in your organisation. When leaders prioritise behaviours that foster a healthy culture, employees and team members act in a manner that aligns with those same organisational values. 

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Understanding Service Culture

Military or emergency service work presents significant challenges and unique experiences for individuals. Understanding these challenges and their impact is crucial to provide individuals within organisations who work with military and emergency services personnel the skills to work effectively with them. 

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Managing Stress in the Workplace

Exposure to traumatic events or ongoing stress can have long-lasting effects if not correctly managed. While this is an entirely normal response, it can affect not only frontline emergency service providers but also any individual or team working in a high-stress environment. 

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Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST participants contribute to safer communities and workplaces by providing life changing suicide first aid interventions.

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Mental Health First Aid

Knowledge and understanding of how to respond to a colleague in the workplace who may be experiencing a mental health challenge is a valuable skill to possess. Being able to offer support through positive conversations and encouragement is an essential element of promoting good mental health in the workplace. 

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Counselling 1:1

Frontline Mental Health offers individual counselling to help you find your way through challenges faced in your daily life.

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Qualified staff, with first hand experience

Our team of experienced Military and Emergency Services personnel has faced the impact of mental health challenges firsthand, and we're passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise to support those walking similar paths. 

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Narelle Mason Educator & Counsellor

Matt Newlands Educator & Counsellor

Customised workshops for your team

We specialise in developing engaging and inspiring workshops for our clients to help them better understand their team’s mental health, the importance of mental wellness, and how to prevent mental burnout, in order to create strong team relationships and ensure optimal performance.

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