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Frontline Mental Health provides a unique blend of training solutions for your organisation. We develop customised workshops for businesses in any industry to help your employees navigate specific challenges unique to your business. Frontline Mental Health also offers nationally recognised training and is the provider of choice for many large Australian companies. 

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Military & First Responders

Frontline Mental Health is on a mission to ensure that your team of military and emergency service professionals remain mentally resilient and at their best. We understand that they face unique challenges due to the nature of their work and the associated stressors. While highly trained professionals, they are exposed to a high level of trauma and it's crucial to recognise the mental health issues that can arise.

Mining Sector

Frontline Mental Health has partnered with Curtin and Griffith Universities to be a registered training provider of some of the most progressive workplace training currently being rolled out in the mining sector. We are your provider of choice to educate your staff and promote a safe, inclusive and productive working environment.

Government Sector

Frontline Mental Health partners with government organisations to ensure the mental resilience of your valued workforce. The often unique demands of government roles, personal factors, and workplace conditions pose significant challenges to your employees' mental health. We're here to help you address these challenges effectively.

Corporate Sector

Frontline Mental Health understands the challenges your employees face will vary depending on their background, the company, its culture, and its level of commitment to staff well-being. We're here to help you support your team effectively.